Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who is Alex Fokine?

Listen to this first ..... 

Free MP3 download: excerpts from court.wav

So as you heard it from the horses mouth I allegedly made contact with Alex Forkine... I would love to have seen those screen pics in court but just like everything else Krystal testified in court she presented no proof just a lot of finger pointing and story telling. . . 

... So Alex is the father of the youngest daughter of Krystal Madison.
His public Facebook account :

His public pic: 

It appears I have made contact with this Gentleman according to Krystal Madison testimony.  Admittedly I do recall sending him and everyone in Pawling, Carmel, Sleepy Hollow,and Putnam lake a letter in my attempts to sell my shares in the House of Psychics but that is all.  So where is this proof Krystal has that she did not present to court over this accusation of further conversation(s) between Alex and myself ?   Perhaps the judge smelt the level of bullshit that Krystal Madison was presenting and did not want to defend fiction.  Who knows,  Krystal failed representing herself and the accusation she brought to the table.
Krystal Madison Corvin is a liar and the more I catch of her doing so the more blogs will be made!  I got a feeling I will be busy.