Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New England Psychic Fair

Crystal Garcia (aka Krystal Madison of Patterson NY not of Sleepy Hollow) Came up with a new business sceme "New England Psychic Fair"

I Caution the unwary Traveler and Vendor who come across this person's Venues  as she has already ripped off a ministry of $800.  Story Here
& Here
While not a company herself (she is not incorporated in the state of New York) by proxy of a security check Crystal Garcia was asking for vendors Social Security Numbers and here screen pic rebuttal to my earlier post about her asking for your personal information  .   Story  Here 

Crystal Garcia DBA Krystal Madison  is not a corporation nor is she an employer.  Yet  Vend for her and you better check your credit line after.  

As long as Crystal Garcia stays in business I will keep reporting her to the public for all to see the facts  . 

And Those Jaded With Crystal Garcia (Krystal Madison ) feel free to contact me .