Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who is Alex Fokine?

Listen to this first ..... 

Free MP3 download: excerpts from court.wav

So as you heard it from the horses mouth I allegedly made contact with Alex Forkine... I would love to have seen those screen pics in court but just like everything else Krystal testified in court she presented no proof just a lot of finger pointing and story telling. . . 

... So Alex is the father of the youngest daughter of Krystal Madison.
His public Facebook account :

His public pic: 

It appears I have made contact with this Gentleman according to Krystal Madison testimony.  Admittedly I do recall sending him and everyone in Pawling, Carmel, Sleepy Hollow,and Putnam lake a letter in my attempts to sell my shares in the House of Psychics but that is all.  So where is this proof Krystal has that she did not present to court over this accusation of further conversation(s) between Alex and myself ?   Perhaps the judge smelt the level of bullshit that Krystal Madison was presenting and did not want to defend fiction.  Who knows,  Krystal failed representing herself and the accusation she brought to the table.
Krystal Madison Corvin is a liar and the more I catch of her doing so the more blogs will be made!  I got a feeling I will be busy.   

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Shield and the Sword

This Post made Krystal stand up and accuse me to two police agencies and a court hearing that I threatened her children..... REALLY?  
I do not know who is more in the Dip Shit level.  Krystal, or the people that believe her.  After all, those two police agencies and the court kicked her out and pretty much told her to come up with something real or go away.  The post below...

Yet this "over protective" mother (so it seems) claimed to be a  Philanthropist ;
"...a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes...."
see below account description ....

But this is what I find funny about all of this in a few parts ...
Part one: Her children

Source below :

Yeah some how if people want to protect their children would they not want to exploit them?  Especially if they (Krystal) has put themselves in the eyes of the public as a public figure RIGHT?

Part 2;
Being a Philanthropist ; "...a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.. . "  So this self proclaimed Philanthropist is out begging for money she has yet to seem to collect. .. and this is 2 years ago?  Very odd.  I think Philanthropists have more than $6K in the bank ...
See Below :

Part 3 : The Shield and the Sword;
When people throw their children out into the world how does this thinking work that their children will not be a focus of any attention both the good and the bad. YET then they act over protective over a statement that was not directed towards her nor her children  I find the irony here EPIC and for those who do not know my methods in reporting such idiocy it is simple.  I cannot post what is not publicly available (or have direct contact with) as in this article here.  
My post alone stands autonomous from all of this and Krystal's family.  Just recently, since it has been becoming the flag of misinformation by Krystal I now post it daily on my facebook account  as a form of mantra and my fan base and readers love it! 

Hopefully this brings some light to a raving lunatic's claim against me. 

Krystal Madison vs Rev.Ronald French

Krystal Madison VS Rev Ronald French 20Jan2016 by RevRonald4u

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pot calling Kettle . . .

Here is a letter From Krystal Madison:  Link here  
  Posted below

Pot calling Kettle
 The link below is the recorded activity of Krystal Madison doing the contrary in 2015 see for yourself how she truly is as a person :

Thank You for being you ! 
So I may do the things I do ! 


Festival of Witches

I Ronald French have a grievance I wish to share publicly against Crystal Garcia (AKA Krystal Madison – The witch of Sleepy Hollow).

On Sept 25, 2015 Crystal Garcia (KM) has signed a contract with my company Axis Sanctuary and Chapels Corp. for an $800.00 investment for 20% share in “House of Psychics” owned by “Festival of Witches” (I,e. KM) .   Upon my attempt in selling my shares I was notified by phone I had violated my contract with (KM) by identifying (KM) as the owner of “House of Psychics” which upon inspection was not clarified what is and what is not “Personal Information”.  However, there was no arbitration, mediation, nor judgement.  In short Krystal Madison walked away without paying dividends nor purchase the stock back from (A.S.C. corp). (See Doc # 1, 2, 3,& 4)

I pursued in my attempts to sell the stock only to get a call from Brewster NY State Troopers on Nov 15 2015. Once I explained I was selling the stock options to anyone with an ear and eye in New York. The Trooper told me he already informed Crystal Garcia the matter was civil not and was not Criminal harassment as she had initially complained.  In Short (KM) is trying to use the legal system as a gag order by proxy. (See Doc #5 release is pending)

Dec 12, 2015 I was notified by my town police (Bradenton) That Crystal Garcia that a complaint was placed against me for threats against (KM’s) children and harassment.  As with the New York State Troopers and Bradenton PD I told “my side” and like the NYSP, Bradenton PD told Crystal Garcia it was a civil matter and that no criminal actions have been done by me nor charges will be pressed against me.  I was also notified by the investigation officer that she filed a civil action against me for “protection against stalking” (Crystal Garcia’ name is public information by the way see doc #6, 7, 8 & 9)

Dec 14 2015 I was served papers by the Manatee Sheriff’s office with Crystal Garcia’s claim (See Doc # 10, 11, 12,13, 14, 15, & 16))

Dec 29 2015 Crystal Garcia was a no call no show yet hired an attorney to preserve the case for a continuance I motioned for dismissal but was denied.  Court ordered continuance Jan 20 2015.  (See Doc # 17, 18, 19,)

Jan 20, 2015 Hearing date and finally all the parties arrived I have sifted over 5200 Personal Messages via Facebook (our main source of communication) and copied screen pics for my counter measures.  The irony with Crystal Garcia’s complaints are lack of consistency. Every new complaint was a new story (New York SP, Bradenton PD & Manatee Court). As you will have seen in the Documents.  In a nutshell Crystal Garcia was asked to speak in court as to why she needed protection from the Florida Court. Once she finished with her testimony the judge told me to put away my exhibits Crystal Garcia has no case.  Case Dismissed.  (Doc# 20)

At what measure will Crystal Garcia (aka Krystal Madison) think she does not owe a debt or worse use the legal system as a proxy gag order? 
See for yourself how Crystal Garcia conducts business with people and I caution you contract or no contract consumer beware!

Tell me more about this "Corvin Tradition"

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